Nagle Rice Secondary School, Doneraile, Co. Cork.  Tel: (022) 24500 / Fax: (022) 24586 / email:

“Where Your Child Matters.”

Nagle Rice Secondary School

Doneraile, Co. Cork

“Where Your Child Matters.”

Tel: (022) 24500 / Fax: (022) 24586 / Email:

An Edmund Rice School

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School Hours:

School Hours

Morning Break

Lunch time


9.10 - 3.50

11.15 - 11.25

1.25 - 1.50


9.10 - 3.50

11.15 - 11.25

1.25 - 1.50


9.10 - 1.25

11.15 - 11.25



9.10 - 3.50

11.15 - 11.25

1.25 - 1.50


9.10 - 3.50

11.15 - 11.25

1.25 - 1.50


Each year group has assembly with their year head at 9.10am each morning.

Whole School Assembly takes place on Monday for all year groups in the Music Hall at 9.15am

Texting System:

If a student is absent a text message is sent home from the school to the parents informing them of same. The texting system may also be used to send parents / guardians reminders of parent-teacher meetings and other relevant information.

School Uniform:

Mobile Phones:

Students are not allowed to have mobile phones switched on during the course of the school day.

Class Diary:

Each student must have a Class Diary and this will be available in the school. The Diary is specifically patented for Nagle Rice and costs €10. The diary is used by the students to record their homework and is also a means of communication between the parent / guardian and the teachers. It must be kept tidy and graffiti free. A section has been set aside at the back of the diary to record absences from school and each time a student is absent the parent / guardian must enter the reason in the Diary. The school’s Code of Behaviour is included in the Diary and must be signed by both Students and Parents/Guardians.

Parents’ Council:

There has been a Parent's Council in the School since the foundation of Nagle Rice. The members are selected at an Annual General Meeting usually held at the beginning of the school year. Currently members are elected to represent each year group in the school. The council is affiliated to the National Parents Council.has a constitution and meets in the school on a regular basis. The role of the Council is primarily a supportive one in relation to the school. It represents the views of parents and acts as a consultative body, particularly in relation to key policy documents being introduced/reviewed.

Board of Management:

Nagle Rice is now under the Trusteeship of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust. The Trustees delegate the management of the school to a local Board of Management. This Board is composed of eight members, four nominated by the Trustees, two elected by the parents and two by the teachers. The Trustees recognise the vital role played by parents in the formation of the children and of their right to have an input in determining the shape of their children's education. It is equally a public acknowledgement that in the pursuance of its aims, the school is heavily dependent on the quality and calibre of its teachers.

Whole-School Evaluation Report:

Nagle Rice underwent a whole-school evaluation (WSE) in September 2016, and the results of which have been published on the Dept of Education and Science website, and can be accessed on the website.