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“Where Your Child Matters.”

Nagle Rice Secondary School

Doneraile, Co. Cork

“Where Your Child Matters.”

Tel: (022) 24500 / Fax: (022) 24586 / Email:

An Edmund Rice School

Nagle Rice School Improvement Plan

Targets 2019-2020

Target 1:  NUMERACY:  To increase student skills in problem-solving and estimation appropriate to different levels and subject areas.

Target 2:  NUMERACY: To increase the incidences of students converting their exam results from fractions to percentages.

Target 3: SELF-ASSESSMENT: to give students the opportunity to verbalise their own learning using a variety of AFL and self-assessment methodologies.

Target 4:  To continue to set out the aims at the start of each class and to make sure to allocate time to refer back to the aims at the end of each lesson.

Target 5:  LITERACY:  Literacy display for each classroom showing Action Verbs for Learning Outcomes and encourage teachers to frequently refer to this display.

Target 6:  ICT: to increase the use of ICT by students in the classroom using Surface Go and Google Suite.

Target 7: Differentiation to be used in setting homework and assessments, along with Level 2 Learning Programmes.

Target 8:  Teachers to continue to have high expectations of students’ work and behaviour and communicate these expectations effectively to students.