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“Where Your Child Matters.”

Nagle Rice Secondary School

Doneraile, Co. Cork

“Where Your Child Matters.”

Tel: (022) 24500 / Fax: (022) 24586 / Email:

An Edmund Rice School

Religious Education

Vision of a ERST School:

Nagle Rice promotes the full personal and social development in caring Christian communities of learning and teaching.

Mission of an ERST School:

To provide Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition.

Taken from "Edmund Rice Schools Trust Charter"

Aims of Religious Education:

Religious Education is a major focus of our curriculum.

Our approach is a team one and is student centred. We also offer opportunities for students to integrate faith and living as individuals, class groups, year groups or as whole-school gatherings right throughout the Liturgical Calendar Year, as well as decorating a Sacred Space in a central spot according to the liturgical season.

Events / Activities organised by the RE Department in the school include:


New School Year & School Mass


Month of the Rosary


Remembering our Dead, Presentation Day


Advent and Christmas


New Year, Catholic Schools Week


St Brigid, St Blaise, St Valentine, Lent


Lent, St Patrick


Lent, Easter


Our Lady, Exams, Bl. Edmund Ignatius Rice


State Exams

Annual School Mass, celebrated in the local parish Church

Beginning of New School Year Liturgies

Advent & Lent Liturgies within RE class time

Whole-School Reconciliation Services for all year groups, facilitated by local clergy

Christmas Carol Service

Creation of a Sacred Space

November "Remembering our Dead" liturgies in school, and participating in a Parish Event

St Blaise Blessing of the Throats

Ash Wednesday Liturgy & distribution of ashes

Exam Prayer Services during the State Exams

Transition Year End of Year Liturgy

End of Year Mass for Third Years

Leaving Cert Graduation Mass


Guest Speakers

Specially designated Prayer Room

Involvement in local Parish Masses & events

Nagle Rice

 Consecration Prayer

to Our Lady:

Mother Mary,

Queen of our hearts and Queen of our school,

we consecrate Nagle Rice to you today;

all the students, teachers and staff,

management, trustees and clergy,

parents and the community to which we belong,

all who visit the school this year,

all the places we travel to,

every class, every exam, every project,

each match and each competition,

every decision we make,

every path we follow,

every joy we share, every worry we face,

every obstacle we overcome,

every success we earn.

We place our whole school in the safe refuge

of your Immaculate heart,

knowing that you carry our deepest intentions

to your Son, Jesus.

Our Lady, Mother and Queen,

pray for us.