Nagle Rice Secondary School, Doneraile, Co. Cork.  Tel: (022) 24500 / Fax: (022) 24586 / email:

“Where Your Child Matters.”

Nagle Rice Secondary School

Doneraile, Co. Cork

“Where Your Child Matters.”

Tel: (022) 24500 / Fax: (022) 24586 / Email:

An Edmund Rice School

SUPERVISED LUNCH-TIME ACTIVITIES:  The majority of students remain in school at lunchtime. Students are well supervised by staff members. Hot food is provided for students and a variety of recreational facilities are available.

ISTUDENT COUNCIL:  Nagle Rice has a very active student council under the supervision of members of staff. The council is elected by students of all years. The students have an input into the organisation of the school, are involved in many fundraisers throughout the year and are consulted on key policy issues.

INTER-SCHOOL COMPETITION:  Teams from the school take part successfully in inter-school competition in the following sports: Football, Hurling, Camogie, Basketball, Orienteering, Athletics and Golf.


Nagle Rice has a Committee dedicated to improving awareness of and promoting Positive Mental Health in the school community.  Nagle Rice has received two Amber Flags do date.

OTHER ACTIVITIES:  Rotary Youth Leadership, Toastmasters Public Speaking, Drama, Quizzes, Badminton, Debating, Table Tennis, Pool, Outdoor Pursuits and Soccer!

ADULT EDUCATION:  Nagle Rice is a recognised QQI centre which provides BTEI courses in Computers for adults after school.

FRIENDSHIP WEEK:  A chance for the whole school to reflect and celebrate the importance of Friendship in our school community, through concerts, art and English competitions, guest speakers, buddy systems and a whole-school focus on friendship and anti-bullying.

HEALTHY LIVING WEEK:  Promoting the importance of eating well and exercising, as well as positive mental health, activities include: Breakfast Club, Lunchtime Circuit Training, Basketball Blitzes, Long Puck contests, Guest Speakers, Sports Afternoon, GAA Blitzes, Whole School Treasure Hunt in Doneraile Park.

Student Activities


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